About Reagan Sakai

Reagan Sakai is an experienced financial expert with over 10 years of CFO experience at 4 different companies.

Reagan was born and raised in gorgeous Hawaii. He attended the prestigious Punahou School from kindergarten through 12th grade. Reagan Sakai is part of a distinguished group of alumni including President Barack Obama, Steve Case (founder of AOL), Pierre Omidyar (founder of eBay), Richard Johnson (founder of HotJobs), Jeff Hakman (co-founder of Quicksilver in the US), Michelle Wie, Kelly Preston (actress & wife of John Travolta), and Hiram Bingham (explorer who discovered Macchu Picchu).

Reagan Sakai loved growing up in Hawaii, but eventually decided to travel to the mainland to pursue his career. He lived in Boulder, Colorado for 17 years, and lived in Austin, Texas for 7 years before moving to a new shore in Orange County, California.

Reagan has many passions, among them are seeing his children succeed in their various activities. His daughter, Malia loves dance, and his son, Stratton, plays lacrosse. When Reagan isn’t on the sidelines cheering on his children, he loves to read, bodysurf, fish, watch college football, and travel. His favorite cities to visit are New York, San Francisco, Paris, Prague, London, and Hong Kong.

Reagan Sakai is looking for a new CFO position in Orange County, California where he can join a late stage private or small-cap public company, be a strategic partner to the CEO, and help take the company to the next level with his skills as a seasoned CFO.

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